Megan & Dan

Megan & Dan

Dan is an architect and had a natural curiosity into the creative process of engineering a ring. We worked together to create something insanely intricate, unique, and special to him and his girlfriend (now wife) Megan. 

Dan and Megan live in Portland, Oregon and wanted to incorporate ivy (a symbol of eternal love) into an engagement ring with an heirloom diamond. Conceptually, the vision was to have cascading ivy leaves down the sides of the ring, with a little baby leaf hidden at the bottom of the shank (so that Megan could see it when the ring was on her finger.) 

This ring ended up being manufactured in 12 separate pieces, all of which were soldered together like a puzzle, with the leaf veins all engraved by hand. 

The end result was stunning and I can't wait to make Megan more ivy-themed jewelry someday. Obsessed with this beauty!!! 

Congrats Dan and Megan!!!